6 Unconventional Construction Safety Tips From Experts

Cronyism, erosion of the law, unfair sentencing, and death: Brad Gerstman warns that this is the future of the construction industry.

In an op-ed for Crain’s, the New York attorney argues that criminalizing construction accidents threatens construction companies of all sizes. He points out that “a prosecutor can bring criminal charges against any contractor or subcontractor… whenever there is a fatality, the general contractor will be held liable in almost every conceivable circumstance.” In other words, if there is ever an accident — regardless of whether the contractor himself is at fault (ex: being drunk on site) — the construction company is liable.

Should Gerstman’s analysis hold true, construction firms are facing unprecedented liability when it comes to on-site workplace accidents.

And since that’s the case, accident prevention needs to be even more of a focus for construction managers.

Construction safety is nothing to mess around with. Even if you’re following OSHA’s guidelines to the letter, there are additional things construction managers can do to protect their crew.

Experience is the best thing to rely on when it comes to keeping workers safe. That’s why I reached out to a host of construction professionals for unconventional construction safety tips. In an industry where best practices save lives, this advice is indispensable. Read on to find out what these managers say about keeping their crew safe and healthy.

1. Get your point across with creative demonstrations.

2. Protect your toes!

3. Invest in the right equipment for fall prevention.

4. Test your equipment.

5. Use “Toolbox Talks.”

6. Keep your workers cool and your worksite clean.